Mets: Secret ingredient to their success is a salt and pepper mix

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 13: Todd Frazier
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 13: Todd Frazier /

How are the New York Mets winning so much? Just check the label and see the secret ingredient of a salt and pepper mix.

A good team chemistry can go a long way toward winning a championship. As the New York Mets are experiencing in 2018, a happy locker room can result in wins.

The Mets made a lot of huge moves this offseason. Rather than sign the best players, they signed the right players. They did the same with the coaching staff as well.

The two big names the Mets brought to town for the 2018 season were third baseman Todd Frazier and outfielder Jay Bruce. Bruce already played for the Mets in late 2016 and early 2017, making his return a familiar boost.

The Frazier signing, however, brought them a whole new element. Frazier’s leadership skills first came into the public eye in late 2017 while with the New York Yankees. This year with the Mets, the Toms River native has lifted them even higher.

Frazier’s positive attitude and role in the Mets’ locker room cannot be measured by any statistic. He’s bringing the team together in ways no one else in recent Mets memory has. Best friends with Yoenis Cespedes, Frazier is quietly keeping everyone in line and happy, oh so happy, together.

Credit also belongs to new manager Mickey Callaway and pitching coach Dave Eiland. Without them, the Mets would have a few more negative stories this season. Each of their brilliant pitching minds has worked well together, making for a fantastic start to 2018.

Moving forward was key for the Mets

All of these new faces in the Mets locker room have had a positive impact on the team. Meanwhile, it’s those old faces which have contributed to the lone negative stories.

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Matt Harvey has been the team’s worst starter and their worst hitter has been Jose Reyes. As others continue to outperform them, the Mets may need to say goodbye to those familiar names.

Though neither has done anything off the field to distract the team from winning, their large personalities could eventually become a problem. It’s purely speculation on my part. Harvey’s connection to notorious agent Scott Boras certainly won’t help him from avoiding an ugly 2018 behind the scenes.

Of course, with some salt and pepper sprinkled in on a regular basis, there’s a chance they slide into roles they’re not so familiar with.

This 2018 Mets team is a lot different from the one that lost the 2018 World Series. Noah Syndergaard isn’t a kid anymore and they aren’t a lineup build solely around Cespedes. As exemplified by Wilmer Flores hitting the walk-off home run in Sunday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Mets are a team clicking together.

There’s no face of this franchise right now. This is a group of 25 men playing unselfish baseball.

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Will it continue? Can the Mets ride a full season of relying on great chemistry and heart?