Mets: Todd Frazier should be a great fit in the clubhouse

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 21: Todd Frazier
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 21: Todd Frazier /

One of the newest additions to the Mets is infielder Todd Frazier, a veteran player with a big personality.

Frazier looks to have one of those presences that infects an entire locker room in the most positive way. This could have him finding himself in a leadership role this season with the Mets.

Frazier’s numbers say it all. Last season, split between the White Sox and the Yankees, Frazier played in 147 games and hit 27 home runs. His bat is dangerous in the lineup. Don’t forget he gave Cespedes a run for his money in the 2014 Home Run Derby (Yo came out top though). And when it comes to defense, Frazier is no slouch, either.

It stung a bit when the Mets signed Frazier, making fans realize that the David Wright ship has probably sailed. It is a hard pill to swallow knowing that legitimate reinforcements needed to be called in on behalf of the captain. I’m a little bit torn. Of course, I want players that will help win games. But we will always want that player to be David Wright.

On a lighter note, from the second Frazier stepped foot into the clubhouse down in Port St. Lucie, you could so obviously see that he is elated to be a Met. Maybe it’s because he gets to be a big league player while living in his home in Toms River, NJ, or maybe he has genuine faith in this ball club. Either way, he is obviously excited to be with the team.

Frazier made it no secret that he was excited to meet his new teammates, but he was also honest about the fact that is he not good with names, so he would call everyone “Big Dog” until he became more familiar with his new team.

Noah Syndergaard, being Noah Syndergaard, took to Twitter to express that he thought he was special when Frazier called him Big Dog. This sparked a response from Frazier, letting Syndergaard know that he will always be special to him. Do I sense a bromance forming?

Performance will be everything. If Frazier can perform like he has in the past, on top of being a veteran player, he will be a natural leader. Players seem to gravitate toward people who set examples on the field. We saw it happen with Jacob deGrom last year. When deGrom was on the mound, it was like a different team was standing behind him on the field.

Strong leadership is very important. Team comradery is where team success stems from. If there is comradery in the clubhouse, that will carry over to performance on the field.

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Hopefully Frazier’s positive attitude and big personality will be contagious in the Mets club house. Even more so, hopefully Frazier’s work ethic and performance will be contagious on the field. Let’s hope he’s up for the job.