Mets considering different options for leadoff hitter, including Todd Frazier

DENVER, CO - JULY 08: Todd Frazier
DENVER, CO - JULY 08: Todd Frazier /

With a new manager, come new lineup orders and the question of who will lead off the game has been on Mickey Callaway‘s mind.

Spring Training for the Mets is right around the corner, and with players reporting to camp over the next few days, the big question on everyone’s mind will be who will bat where? While the question of lineup order can sometimes be overrated, it’s still one of those things that we really like to know.

According to multiple reports, the Mets are considering a couple of different options for the leadoff spot, at least. Out of these options, the name that pops out right away is, of course, the newly acquired Todd Frazier.

I’ve personally been more in favor of Brandon Nimmo being the leadoff guy when he’s playing (hopefully more often than not until Michael Conforto comes back), but I must admit, the idea of Frazier being slotted in that position does make sense.

Last season, Frazier recorded his best season when it came to on-base percentage. With a career .321 OBP, the veteran third baseman upped it to .344 over the 147 games he played with both the White Sox and Yankees. This another reason why looking at his low batting average of .213 doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Frazier is a guy that draws a lot of walks. He set another personal best in that department with 83 last season as well. For comparison’s sake, in 2015, Frazier had over 100 more plate appearances than in 2017 yet drew only 44 walks. His patience has paid off and has gotten him on base more than in previous seasons. That’s a very valuable trait for a leadoff hitter.

Nimmo is similar in this sense too with his .379 OBP in 2017. Obviously, we have to take his numbers with a grain of salt seeing as how he only got 215 plate appearances last season, but over his short career, he has demonstrated that ability to get on base. He’s just shy of 300 plate appearances and his on-base percentage has stayed steady at .367. The kid gets it so far early on.

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Either one of these options is great, in my opinion. Frazier will likely get the nod because he’ll likely be more of an everyday player than Nimmo, but on days when Lagares sits, Nimmo should be leading off games for the New York Mets. We’ll see if Mickey Callaway agrees.