Mets: Should they bring back R.A. Dickey?

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 21: Pitcher R.A. Dickey
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 21: Pitcher R.A. Dickey /

Everyone’s favorite knuckleballer is back on the market!

The question is, should the Mets bring him back for one more season if he doesn’t retire. The short answer, of course, is “no.”

I have such fond memories of Dickey as a Met. He was the first pitcher in recent years that I remember getting excited about every five days. R.A. was the ace before Harvey came up and showed us what the future would be. He was the guy that gave me hope for the Mets future. That maybe this team did know what it was doing. And of course, how could you not love watching him throw the knuckleball. A soon to be lost art among major league pitchers.

In 2012, at 37 years old, he won the Cy Young award. While the Mets were still reeling from another lost season. Dickey was the bright spot in it all. We had something to be proud about. He was 20-6 on the year with a 2.73 ERA.

And at the peak of his career, the Mets traded him. Heartbreaking as it was at the time, even through that trade, Dickey brought good fortune to the Mets. It was the trade that brought Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud to New York. Looking back, it was such a huge win for the Mets. Especially since Dickey hasn’t been the same pitcher since 2012.

The Mets for once were actually lucky enough to have R.A. on the mound at the height of his career. Between 2010 and 2012 Dickey had an ERA of 2.95. Since being traded to the Blue Jays, and then the Braves, in the last 5 seasons, his ERA has jumped up to a 4.11. His wins per season have also been on the decline. He had two 14 win seasons with the Jays, but that would drop to 11, and then 10 between 2015 and 2016. That’s not to say those numbers are terrible. (I mean, Matt Harvey can’t even get to a 10 win season anymore).  But it’s still important to acknowledge that there is a decline.

The Mets are notoriously famous for acquiring players who have passed their expiration date. Then they sit and scratch their heads all year wondering why the discount toys they purchased are falling apart. (Just look at everyone we picked up in 2003). I would hate for the Mets to bring him back for one more year, just to watch it all implode.

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If R.A. chooses to hang around for one more season, think that’s great. He’s easily one of my favorite Mets players in the past 10 years. But when you break up with someone it’s important to know when to move on, and whether or not you should take them back. In this case, let’s all keep our memories of Dickey happy ones. I wish him all the best, just not back here in New York.