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Mets: Who will be the next player that got away?

By Christina Cola
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: Phillip Evans
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: Phillip Evans /

Who will be the next “Justin Turner” of the Mets.

When I say this, I mean, who of the players released today by the Mets will have us screaming at the TV in four years.

We like to take misery and make it fun here at Rising Apple. I decided to see if I can predict who from this group will “Turner” us. And if history has taught the Mets anything (it never does), it looks like that man will be Phillip Evans.

Evans played 19 games with the Mets this past season. It’s not the largest sample size, but he certainly made the most of his time. Batting .303 with a .395 OBP, which isn’t too far off from his regular numbers he put up for the Mets in triple-A. In 127 games with Las Vegas Evans was .279/.341/.418. When he came up towards the end of the season many referred to him as a “scrappy” player. He hustles around the bases, and while not typically known for his power, he still put up 56 RBIs in Vegas.  And in 2016 Evans even won the  Eastern League batting title. The Mets have once again rewarded this hustle, by letting him go.

And of course, where does Evans typically play? At second or third base. Again, his sample size in the majors is a bit too small. But we’ve definitely seen what he can do:

Only time will tell if Evans can continue to produce at the rate that he has so far. The way that the game has developed over the past few years, teams seem to be searching for that next big power hitter. But I could definitely see Evans developing into a solid leadoff guy for some lucky team who’s smart enough to scoop him up in the offseason.

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I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Evans. I’m sure in four years time he’ll be back to greet us in the postseason with a double into left field. All while the Mets front office sits and wonders: “Should we have seen this coming?”