Mets: Amed Rosario brings a good dynamic according to teammates

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 03: Amed Rosario
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 03: Amed Rosario /

Amed Rosario has not only been impressing the fans, but he’s been impressing the Mets as well

In 25 at-bats so far in the bigs, Rosario is hitting .160/.160/.320. Yes, yes I know not the biggest numbers — but look at that slugging percentage though. He has four hits, two triples and an RBI, all in just seven games. Rosario’s speed cannot be denied, and is something that has his fellow teammates talking about as well.

Jay Bruce, for instance, stated that Rosario’s speed “brings a new dynamic” after Rosario tripled on Thursday night. He then went on to state that for almost anyone else on the team, it would have been a double. According to MLB StatCast, this triple on August 3rd was the fastest ever — it took Rosario 11.2 seconds to get to third base.


We all thought Jose Reyes was fast — and he was, especially when he was young. He still is pretty fast. But now here’s Rosario, even faster. Fitting though, as both have quite the similar baseball story, and are actually good friends.

The two actually are already joking about how Rosario wants to catch up to Reyes. According to Reyes, Rosario told him “I got two [triples] and I’ve got 100 more to go to catch you.” What was Reyes’ response to this? To stay healthy. That seems to be easier said than done when it comes to this team, so important advice.

After Tuesday night’s game, Rosario spoke about his first week in the majors. What does he think of it?

"“It’s really been a good week, and it’s been a bad week, but I just keep working. I feel like I’m really swinging the bat well. There are some good days and some bad days, but it’s a process, and I’ve stayed pretty focused.”"

Well, as shown above in his stats, Rosario has continued to be quiet at the plate. But he obviously realizes this, and wants to fix it (duh). According to the New York Post, the Mets hitting instructors are taking initiative to help fix this, especially as Rosairo’s 10 strikeouts have mostly come from chasing balls that were outside of the strike zone.

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So basically, Rosario just needs to train his eye a bit better, and be a bit more disciplined when at the plate. His defense so far has been fantastic, and his speed is refreshing, and much needed. It’s only been one week, and this kid has a long way to go. A good start, and as most fans, I cannot wait to see him grow.