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Mets current SS and the future SS are already friends

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 22: Jose Reyes
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 22: Jose Reyes

Nope, Jose Reyes does not feel threatened by Amed Rosario‘s inevitable call-up to the Mets, and taking over at shortstop. In fact, the two have become friends

Jose Reyes legitimately told the NY Post that Amed Rosario is “a good friend” of his. In fact, the two speak on the phone almost every day… and it’s not even mostly about baseball; it’s about life in general.

How did this relationship start? Well, the two played together last season when Reyes played with Double-A Binghamton for nine games. Despite Rosario still being in the minors so far this season, the two continued their friendship.

And Reyes has nothing but good things to say about Rosario:

"“[Rosario’s] the future shortstop for this ballclub. He is the future of this organization.”"

Reyes also stated that he believes Rosario will be playing in Queens “sooner [rather] than later.”

The only question is when? The current expectation is that Rosario will be called up after the trade deadline. So soon is right.

It’s cool, and interesting, to see that the two have a good relationship already. Reyes is a veteran player who can most definitely teach Rosario a thing or two (especially now that he’s back to being hot). Reyes is a good baseball mentor for Rosario to have, and to be able to utilize.

Additionally, we all know the similarities between Rosario’s story and Reyes’ story: both great, young players who were each ranked the organization’s top prospect. Fourteen years ago Reyes was the third-best MLB prospect. Today, Rosario is the fourth-best MLB prospect. One could easily compare the two.

Reyes is also already sharing some advice with Rosario — advice that he listened to when he was coming up through the minor leagues way back when. “Hustle every day” is what he said, as well as to “always be hungry for the game and play hard.”

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Plus, when Rosario finally gets called up, Reyes will be playing second base and third base, so it’s not like he’s out of a position because of this call-up. It will definitely be fun watching these two play together, hopefully this season. Reyes was the Mets’ spark, and Rosario is assumed to be the same.