Mets: Noah Syndergaard will be an extra on Game of Thrones

Westeros is about to get even more great hair.

Noah Syndergaard‘s first start of the spring against the Houston Astros today has rightly dominated the morning news, but it isn’t the only news involving our favorite Mets pitcher.

According to the New York Post’s Ken Davidoff, Syndergaard will be featured on HBO’s Game of Thrones this upcoming season. Thor will, unfortunately, not be throwing his fastball around, but will instead be an extra in the series. There’s no word yet on when Syndergaard will be making his appearance, but I’m hoping no one kills his character. I don’t think any of us want to see that.

Syndergaard apparently filmed his brief appearance last year while in Spain after finishing his dominating season with the Mets.

The Mets’ Opening Day starter isn’t a stranger to TV. Aside from being the best pitcher in professional baseball in the largest market in the world, he’s also appeared on the show Kevin Can Wait which features Mets fan comedian Kevin James.

“Playing baseball opens up a lot of doors for certain things. I just kind of want to embrace those certain things, whether it’s acting or doing something outside of baseball that allows you to show your personality,” Syndergaard told Davidoff.

And what a great personality he has. Syndergaard is widely known and followed on Twitter by both fans and non-fans of the Mets for simply having some of the greatest tweets of any athlete out there.

His mini-feud with Mr. Met over the past year or so has been pretty hilarious to follow, so this new cameo may add more fuel to that fire.

He’s also still super young. At only 24, Syndergaard’s ceiling in every sense is still unknown. He’s getting better and better at his job in baseball, so it’s obvious his talent isn’t suffering because of his non-baseball activities.

There are obviously going to be some annoying fans that don’t like how much he’s expanding, but I personally couldn’t be happier to see him do what he enjoys. Remember, he could be like Bryce Harper who, while extremely talented, is pretty much despised outside of Washington D.C.

Syndergaard is our dude. Never change, big guy.

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