Mets 2017 Season Preview: Who will earn the fifth starter slot?

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With Mets Opening Day exactly a month from today, it’s time for Rising Apple’s season preview. Our staff will be weighing in on one topic each day as we tick off the final days to April 3.

First up: As there’s currently a competition for the fifth starter slot in the rotation, who will earn the spot? 

Michelle Ioannou, Editor

I have to go with Robert Gsellman on this one for a couple of different reasons.

We know that the fifth spot is currently a competition between Gsellman, Zack Wheeler, and Seth Lugo. I know a lot of people believe Wheeler should be a shoe-in for this spot as it was his (or supposed to be his) in the past, but he’s been injured with so many setbacks. He’s been out for two seasons. And we’ve already been told he’ll probably start the season in the bullpen.

Lugo did have a great season in 2016, as we’ve already discussed. And yes, both Lugo and Gsellman were saviors to the Mets last year. Lugo held a 2.67 ERA whereas Gsellman held a 2.42 ERA with the Mets.

Is that little difference why I think Gsellman will get the spot? Not entirely. But I do think Gsellman stood out a bit more last season, and no, not just because he looks like a Jacob deGrom clone.

Plus, as he’s Noah Syndrgaard’s roommate this season, that could only mean that Thor will rub off on him right?

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