3 worst Mets trades since Steve Cohen took over as owner

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1) NY Mets worst trade since Steve Cohen took over: Darin Ruf from the Giants

The king of the worst trades since Cohen took over is not debatable—at least right now. Trading J.D. Davis plus three minor leaguers to the San Francisco Giants for Darin Ruf had us all questioning the front office. It was a lot to give up for a part-time player struggling at the trade deadline.

It didn’t take long for those doubts to grow and for Ruf to become one of the least liked members of the Mets in recent history. It’s not personal toward him. This is sports hate. If you don’t produce, you don’t get the love.

The Mets may not have lost a whole lot in this deal. What makes the Ruf trade so bad is how they could have used those assets somewhere else or simply done nothing at all. It’s debatable but one has to figure Davis would have been far more useful on the Mets than Ruf.

Ruf concluded his 2022 season with 74 chances at the plate for the Mets and only a .152/.216/.197 slash line. He didn’t hit a single home run for them. It was perhaps one of the most pathetic trade deadline deals in team history.

For now, the Ruf deal wears the crown as the worst since Cohen became the majority owner. Endy Rodriguez can change that if he becomes a star in Pittsburgh. Any of the four players the Mets traded for Ruf can do the same as members of the Giants.

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