3 worst Mets trades with a division rival the team has ever made

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2) Worst NY Mets trade with a division rival: Rico Brogna to the Phillies

There is a young redheaded Evan Roberts sobbing right now. In November of 1996, the Mets traded first baseman Rico Brogna to the Philadelphia Phillies for Toby Borland and Ricardo Jordan. They could spare him because the 1997 season was John Olerud’s first in New York.

It doesn’t help make the trade much better. In parts of three seasons with the Mets, Brogna slashed .291/.342/.495. They should have gotten more for him. Brogna would end up having three straight years of 20+ home runs for the Phillies. In 1998 and 1999, he surpassed the 100 RBI mark.

Borland made only 13 appearances for the Mets in 1997 and pitched to a 6.08 ERA. He was traded in May to the Boston Red Sox for Rick Trilcek. He’d make only 9 appearances and deliver an 8.00 ERA for the Mets that same season.

What about Jordan? Could he salvage this trade?

After pitching to a 1.80 ERA in 25 innings for the lowly 1996 Phillies, Jordan regressed in 1997. He’d get 27 innings and give his new ball club a 5.33 ERA performance. He became a free agent after the season and made less than a handful of appearances for the Cincinnati Reds in 1998.

The trade for Brogna was a sweeping success for the Phillies even if they wore cement shoes throughout his stay. One other trade with a division rival does beat it.