The 5 worst moments of the 2023 Mets season

Jeff Brigham was at the center of one of the Mets' worst losses of the season
Jeff Brigham was at the center of one of the Mets' worst losses of the season / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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5) Edwin Diaz blows out his knee in the World Baseball Classic

The first four pieces of our list detailed the most painful moments of the season, but no list of 2023 Mets pain would be complete without the injury suffered by Edwin Diaz in the World Baseball Classic.

More than just a bad omen, Diaz's injury seemed to end the Mets season before it began. Perpetually pessimistic fans were emboldened in their claims of a Mets curse, and opposing fanbases took the chance to pile on.

Losing Diaz has had massive trickle-down implications on the Mets bullpen. It's hard to quantify how many wins have turned to losses without the availability of the electric closer, but there's also been a palpable loss of excitement at Citi Field without Narco's trumpets blaring as Diaz jogs towards the mound.

Diaz represented so much of what made the Mets special last season. Losing him took the wind out of the team's sails before they even played a game, and though the Mets did get off to a hot start, their beleaguered bullpen hasn't been able to keep up as the weeks have passed.

There's still hope that Diaz can return this season, but until then, seeing him crumple in pain while playing for Puerto Rico will be etched into the minds of Mets fans.

The first half of the season wasn't without some moments of happiness, but they were far outnumbered by moments of extreme pain. Will the second half flip the script? On behalf of a fanbase that just needs a break, I hope so.