The 3 most devastating Mets losses against the Braves in team history

These losses changes the Mets momentum for the rest of the season.
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
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Worst Mets loss: Game 6 of the 1999 NLCS

A bitter rivalry had already begun with the Braves before their incredible comeback in 2000. The Braves dominated the NL West for the first half of the decade. Now it was their turn to do the same in the NL East. The two clubs would meet in the 1999 postseason. Matched against one another in the NLCS, Game 6 became one of the worst losses in Mets history.

Riding a high going into this game, the two teams went into extras. Knotted up at 9-9, Kenny Rogers was summoned from the bullpen for the 11th inning. A leadoff double was the first bad omen for New York. A sacrifice bunt followed then came two intentional walks with a runner on third. The bold strategy wouldn’t pay off, Cotton.

Rogers, not tasked to get a double play groundout versus Andruw Jones, failed his mission. With the bases juiced, he walked Jones. The fourth ball resulted in an Atlanta run and a victory. It gave them their fourth win of the series and a National League pennant.

There are a lot of bad ways to lose a game. A bases loaded walk is certainly one of them. For it to happen a day after the infamous grand slam home run and resulting in the end of the year and the Braves advancing to the World Series only piles onto the misery.