The 3 most devastating Mets losses against the Braves in team history

These losses changes the Mets momentum for the rest of the season.
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
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Is there a team that has caused more pain to the New York Mets than the Atlanta Braves? Well, yes. The New York Mets have caused more pain to the New York Mets. Aside from being their own worst enemy, it’s the National League East rival Braves who seem to have the Mets number better than anyone else over a long period of time.

Oddly enough, they weren’t even rivals until 1995 when MLB realigned the divisions. This hasn’t kept the Braves from handing the Mets some devastating losses.

It’s these three that stand out most as the most miserable Mets losses against the Braves.

Worst Mets losses: 3-game sweep at the end of 2022

The National League East was there for the Mets to win in 2022. Did they collapse or did the Braves catch them? Either way you look at it, they controlled their own destiny. From September 30-October 2, the two teams played each other in Atlanta. The winner of the series would have a chance to take the division. You know what happened.

Game one saw Max Fried take down Jacob deGrom whose 11 strikeouts wasn’t enough, especially with Tylor Megill giving up two runs in relief. The Mets only scored twice themselves so even if Megill didn’t put them further out of reach, this would’ve been a Mets loss. It pushed the teams to an even 98-59 on the season.

The Braves retook the division lead the next day when Kyle Wright outmatched Max Scherzer. A far more deflating pitching performance than the one the Mets got from deGrom, Scherzer failed to get through the sixth inning. Responsibility doesn’t fall solely on Scherzer in this one. The Braves scored 4 runs and the Mets only mustered 2.

Then came the finale. The Mets were against Charlie Morton in a “revenge for Pete Alonso” spot. He exited after 4.1 but the Braves bullpen held their own. Meanwhile, Chris Bassitt didn’t even get through the third inning with 4 earned runs across. A bulldog for much of the season, this hound came up small at the end.

The magic number became one for the Braves who’d end up with an identical record as the Mets. However, because they won the season series, they were awarded the division title. It was all right there for the Mets who’d have a nearly identical result in their playoff round.