Worst Mets loss from every completed decade in franchise history

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Losing is something no one likes to do. The New York Mets have experienced their share of losses. Some were far more painful than others.

It’s only natural for a 162-game schedule to include some brutal losses. However, it hurts most when your team does actually win a lot in the regular season and then suffers defeat in the playoffs.

With plenty of autumn heartache, these are the worst Mets losses in each decade.

Worst NY Mets loss of the 1960s: All 120 from 1962

How do you pick one loss from the 1960s? There were so many to choose from. All 120 were pretty bad.

This inaugural Mets gave up 948 runs while scoring only 617 times. The massive run differential was highlighted by several beatings from the opponent. There were 120 times when Mets fans left the ballpark or turned off their radio in a foul mood.

Want a more specific game? How about the final one before the All-Star Break. The Mets lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 15-1 on July 8? The 17-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 14 wasn’t much better.

The 1960s were rough on the Mets until the very end.

Worst NY Mets loss of the 1970s: Game 7 of the 1973 World Series

Game 7s always have one team leaving happy and the other making offseason plans. The first Game 7 in Mets history took place in the 1973 World Series. After losing Game 6 when they could have closed it out, the Mets went into Game 7 on even-footing with the Oakland Athletics.

Sadly, a rough third inning was all it took to seal the fate of the Mets. The Athletics scored four earned runs against Jon Matlack who failed to even get out of the inning. The offense was only able to muster up a pair of runs in what would become a 5-2 victory for Oakland.

For sure, the loss hurt. Fans would feel the pain linger as the team failed to even make it back to the postseason again until 1986.