3 worst Mets free agent signings since Steve Cohen took over as owner

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The Steve Cohen era of New York Mets baseball has been mostly pleasant. What keeps fans coming back is the idea that with him as the majority owner, the team will at least have a shot to win. Despite coming up short in the first two years with him calling the shots, the future remains a positive one.

Free agency is where the Mets have a lot more power than ever before. Spending money, taking risks, and making headlines is what Cohen can help the Mets do.

Not all of the free agent signings during his tenure have gone well. It’s not just about the contracts either. In some cases, the Mets have muffed minor free agent signings. Based on a mix of money spent and production, these are the three signings during Cohen’s time that have been the worst.

3) Worst NY Mets free agent signing since Steve Cohen took over: Albert Almora

Remember Albert Almora? The Mets took a chance on him for the 2021 season. The spin was that he was an outcast former Chicago Cubs outfielder who could play solid defense and give the Mets some outfield depth.

Those positive thoughts were washed away rather quickly. Almora’s time with the Mets was terribly unmemorable and brief. He ended up playing 47 games and receiving only 54 plate appearances. He was generally used as a late-game replacement.

The offensive output was miserable. Almora slashed only .115/.148/.173. Any of the goodwill he could have offered them as a defensive player was washed away. He was hurt for a good part of the year when the Mets desperately needed some outfield help during the 2021 season.

It was easy for the Mets to move on from Almora after one year. It only cost them a $100K contract. These other two bad free agent signings were much more expensive mistakes.