15 worst free agent signings in Mets history

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4) NY Mets worst free agent signing: Jason Bay

Still fresh in the memory of most fans, Jason Bay enjoyed a superb final year with the Boston Red Sox in 2009. He finished seventh in the MVP race with a .267/.384/.537 slash line that also included 36 home runs and 119 RBI.

Naturally, the Mets thought it would be a wise idea to sign this budding star. The deal ended up being a four-year contract worth $66 million. Even in today’s money, it’s a decent amount.

What wasn’t so decent was Bay’s performance. In year one, he batted .259/.347/.402 with only 6 home runs in 401 trips to the plate. Staying on the field was Bay’s biggest issue that year and in the next two seasons.

But wait—I thought the Mets signed Bay to a four-year contract?

Bay only got worse over the next two years. He batted .245/.329/.374 in 2011 with 509 plate appearances. The following year, with only 215 trips to the plate, he hit .165/.237/.299. Unwilling to move forward with Bay as part of their outfield mix, the Mets released him after the third season of his contract was over.

Overall numbers for Bay in New York include a .234/.318/.369 batting line and only 26 home runs. It was a hugely disappointing free agent signing and one many fans haven’t been able to shake.