3 strange coincidences from the two Mets World Series victories

Is it a strange coincidence or something more?
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2) NY Mets World Series coincidence: Davey Johnson was on both sides

Not too many people were in attendance for the 1969 World Series and the 1986 one. Even fewer wore a uniform. Tom Seaver won with the Mets in 1969. In 1986, he was a member of the Boston Red Sox but didn’t pitch in the postseason.

More significant of a coincidence goes back to the final out of the first Mets championship. It was a Davey Johnson fly ball into the glove of Cleon Jones to end the series. Nobody knew at the time that in 1986 it would be Johnson who’d be the manager for the next Mets team to win a championship.

The odds of this happening feel far greater than a shared number. There is only one player to make a final out in each World Series. How many of them ever become big league managers and for the team they made the last out against?

This is a “glitch in the matrix” sort of coincidence. It’s so completely random yet fascinating all at the same time.