Mets prove they plan to win the 2022 World Series with their latest minor signing

Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day
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The weirdest baseball player in Major League Baseball history is Terrance Gore. The man has played in 102 regular season MLB games, been handed 77 plate appearances, and hit only .224 in them. This hasn’t prevented Gore from winning three World Series with three different teams. Did the New York Mets just sign him because of how much of a good luck charm he is?

That’s not the case here. If you haven’t fallen Gore’s career, you haven’t missed much. He is the quintessential one-tool player whose lone weapon is his speed. Gore came up as a member of the Kansas City Royals where he hit well early on only to fade as he progressed through the system. Nevertheless, Kansas City saw his value as a late-inning pinch-runner.

The Mets signed Gore on Wednesday in a move that confirms they are headed to the World Series. Gore was a member of the 2015 Royals that beat the Mets and even managed to win two more championships in the years that followed.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Gore in 2020 but he only ever played two regular season games for them and didn’t appear in the playoffs. Still, he took home his second World Series ring.

Last year, the Atlanta Braves stashed him in Triple-A for a while. He only ended up appearing in one NLDS game for them. He didn’t do anything of consequence. He never even appeared for the Braves in the regular season and yet he managed to earn a third ring. Which finger does he keep that one on?

Maybe the only other recognizable name in recent history with a situation almost as strange as this is Pat Burrell. He won the 2008 World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies while going 1 for 14. In 2010, he was a World Series winner again with the San Francisco Giants. However, he went 0 for 13 in the championship round. Somehow, Burrell has 1 hit in 34 World Series plate appearances and a pair of rings.

Gore is much more different than Burrell, however. Burrell had plenty of regular season success while Gore has been an addition for teams with one purpose only: speed depth.

The Mets had big plans for 2022. Signing Gore won’t get them to the World Series but you better believe the Mets already know how they plan to use him if they do get there.

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