Mets predicted to win the World Series over the Yankees in the not too distant future

The Mets are World Series-bound, but not quite yet.
New York Yankees v New York Mets
New York Yankees v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The MLB Twitter page delivered some madness with predictions of every World Series matchup for the next ten years. Hopeful to see plenty of orange and blue New York Mets, Steve Cohen’s team at least according to this prediction, will come away with one total victory. At least it’s a big one.

The 2026 Mets are champions of baseball! The realism of this over 2025 is palpable. To come away victorious against the New York Yankees is especially rewarding considering there is no better team in the American League to beat.

After re-signing with the Mets following his opt out, Kodai Senga pitched a Game 6 gem closed out by Edwin Diaz who chose to opt into his contract after the 2025 season. The game ends with Pete Alonso lining out to Juan Soto. No, that’s not a mistake. They swap teams! Oh, the madness. And to think Marcus Stroman misses playing in this series by a year.

Other observations from these 10 years of World Series predictions

One World Series win for the Los Angeles Dodgers is laughable, not because they should win more. It’s just the ultimate insult for them to win so soon, take one on the chin on the other set of Mets vs. Yankees, and then never see a pennant again.

If this is all true, Mets fans do have to live through an upcoming Atlanta Braves championship and the nauseating gloating that will follow. The National League East remains dormant until the 2030 season when the Philadelphia Phillies took down the Detroit Tigers in what seems to be a mostly random prediction—the case with many of these.

MLB seems to think the reign of terror by the Houston Astros is over. They don’t make it to the World Series once in this decade. In fact, the Los Angeles Angels are the only representative they have and that doesn’t come until 2033 when they lose to the Colorado Rockies. Those poor Las Vegas or London or Timbuktu Athletics fans (let’s not rule any city out) will have to wait a while longer.

Waiting two more full seasons before the Mets grab a championship is doable if we know it’s guaranteed. Needless to say, we already know it isn’t.

Last year, in the same story, MLB predicted the Mets would defeat the Baltimore Orioles in the 2024 Fall Classic. They didn’t foresee the failures of the team in 2023 apparently. Will they get this year’s predictions correct? A 40th anniversary of the 1986 victory would be rewarding.