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NY Mets Biggest World Series Errors: Too many to count in 2015

The 2015 Mets were doomed by errors both on and off the field, mentally and physically. I almost don’t even know how to narrow it down to a single one. Let’s mention them all.

I suppose it all begin in Game 1 with the Mets leading 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth. That’s when Jeurys Familia got cute and tried his infamous quick-pitch on Alex Gordon. The Kansas City Royals outfielder wasn’t fooled. He deposited the pitch over the outfield wall to tie the game. The Mets would lose the game in extras.

Game 2 was another loss but not necessarily due to any major errors. Game 3 was a win which then set up for another duel in Game 4.

In the top of the eighth, with the Mets again ahead by a single run, two walks from Tyler Clippard forced Terry Collins to summon Familia from the bullpen. The very first batter he would face, Eric Hosmer, hit a groundball to second baseman Daniel Murphy. The hot-hitting Mets infielder charged hard but missed the ball. It squired past him and allowed the Royals to open up the floodgates. By the time the inning was over, they had a 5-3 lead, a score which would hold.

Finally, there was Game 5. The finale of the series, there were two big errors here.

First, allowing Matt Harvey to go onto the mound in the top of the ninth with a 2-0 lead came back to bite the team hard. A walk, a stolen base, and a double suddenly made it a 2-1 game. Yet again, Familia made an appearance on the mound. He was able to retire the first and second batters he faced but on the second plate appearance, first baseman Lucas Duda got caught napping as Hosmer ran home on the groundout. And just like that, the Mets had blown another lead.

Kansas City would add five more runs in the top of the twelfth and ruin the hopes and dreams of young Mets fans everywhere.

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