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NY Mets Biggest World Series Errors: The most notorious in MLB history

The 1986 World Series was practically the opposite of the 1973 matchup between the Mets and Athletics. This time, with the Mets facing off against the Boston Red Sox, they were the ones backed into a corner.

In Game 6, they were one out away from getting eliminated. The Curse of the Bambino would be lifted from Beantown.

In what might be the greatest baseball game ever played in terms of drama, the Red Sox took a 5-3 lead in the top of the tenth inning. Two straight outs in the bottom half of the inning set up what would become the biggest error in baseball history.

A Gary Carter single followed by another from Kevin Mitchell kept the Mets alive. Ray Knight would then add a single of his own to put the scoring within one. Suddenly, those hopes of the Kennedy Family finally getting to see their hometown team win it all were beginning to dissipate.

Bob Stanley then entered the game for the Red Sox. On a wild pitch, Mitchell scored and Knight moved up to second base. The game was tied and it looked like we would have another inning, especially when the batter, Mookie Wilson, hit a slow dribbler down to first base.

Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner saw his name become infamous in only a matter of seconds. The soft dribbler poked through his legs and rolled into right field far enough for Knight to dash around third base and score. The Mets won!

Two days later, an 8-5 win helped them take the series.