3 reasons the Mets should be taken seriously as World Series contenders

The Mets should be viewed as legitimate contenders.
New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers
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3) Two of the most important Mets players haven’t even gotten on the field yet

The Mets starting rotation was supposed to be anchored by Kodai Senga at the top. When he went onto the IL before a spring training game was played, many stuck a fork in the Mets. Cooked!

Then came the announcement that J.D. Martinez wouldn’t be ready for Opening Day. Some back soreness during his “ramp up” to join the MLB club had those same fools laughing. Who’s snickering now?

We haven’t even seen two of the most important members of the Mets roster this season. A step or two back for Senga for whatever reason is still a great asset to have. Martinez in the DH role gives them the kind of power we all desired they’d add. As good as the rotation of Stewart, Bader, and Tyrone Taylor have been sharing duties in the outfield and DH spot along with some rest for guys like Marte, it’s hard to deny what the presence of Martinez does for this lineup.

Senga won’t be back until late May at the earliest with June being more likely. Martinez could join the Mets as early as their next homestand. Will he do so coming off of a successful West Coast road trip?

In some ways the Mets are winning with potions. Their defense hasn’t been good. The starting pitching doesn’t go deep into games. They can’t throw out runners.

Nevertheless, they’re finding ways to win. It’s because the roster is a complete one. Take them seriously.