The Mets have already won the David Robertson trade

Detroit Tigers v Miami Marlins
Detroit Tigers v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

On July 27th, the New York Mets were hosting the Washington Nationals at Citi Field for the first game of a four-game series. Flash forward to the eighth inning, the Mets trailed by a score of 1-0 until Daniel Vogelbach hit an RBI single that scored a run and tied the game at one, and then Mets closer at the time, David Robertson began to get loose in the bullpen. But out of nowhere, the rain started to pour down hard in Flushing, Queens forcing a rain delay for a little over an hour and a half.

Once the rain was clear and the tarp was gone, the remaining Mets faithful were on hand to watch the Mets take the lead and head into the ninth inning with a 2-1 advantage. However, it was not Robertson on the mound to save the game, it was lefty Brooks Raley that confused Mets fans. After Raley got the save, fans began to see on social media after the game concluded that the Mets during the rain delay completed a trade that sent Robertson to the Miami Marlins for two minor leaguers. The move seemed to be a win for the Marlins as they were 55-48 on the season and in a top Wild Card spot. Flash forward about a month later, did the Mets actually win this trade after many thought the Mets didn't get enough in return?

Why the Mets did win the David Robertson trade

This was the first of many trades the Mets made that signaled to their fans that they were going to be sellers at the trading deadline due to their disappointing season, and many Mets fans at the time thought this trade was a terrible return for them. In return for Robertson, the Mets got 18-year-old infielder Marco Vargas and 19-year-old catcher Ronald Hernandez who were excelling in the Flordia Complex League but were not expecting to make any sort of impact for the Mets in the majors until 2026 at least, so Mets fans were rightfully frustrated. But so far, Robertson's tenure with the Fish has not been one that Miami was hoping for and now has people wondering if the Mets actually won this move.

In Robertson's tenure in New York, it was a good showing as he stepped up very nicely in the role of the closer after Edwin Diaz's injury in the WBC. He posted a 2.05 ERA in over 44 innings with 48 strikeouts and 14 saves. But it's been the complete opposite of success for Robertson down in Miami as he's had an ERA of 7.20 with a record of 0-3 in 10 appearances since he arrived. The Marlins have also gone 11-17 during that span too and removed him as the team's closer due to his struggles.

It makes sense why Mets fans weren't happy about the return they got when they traded Robertson, but with his struggles ever since he got there, Mets fans should reconsider their thoughts on the move. They got two young prospects in return who could be a part of their future for years to come, and there was no point in holding onto a rental veteran closer when the team your team is out of the playoff picture. The Mets won this trade.