The longest Mets winning streak in franchise history

Philadelphia Phillies V New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies V New York Mets / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

The longest New York Mets losing streak came in an appropriate season with the 1962 team. What about the longest winning streak? Could there be some sort of reciprocal?

As it turns out, the Mets have won 11 games in a row five times in the franchise’s history. All are tied for the most consecutive wins. To nobody’s surprise, it included three seasons when the team made it to the World Series.

The longest NY Mets winning streak is a 5-time tie

The first 11-game winning streak was in 1969. A 1-0 win against the San Diego Padres on May 28 started the streak. The team was just 19-23 after the win. They found almost a dozen in a row. It was on June 11 when they finally were on the losing side.

The 1972 Mets, a non-World Series team, managed to win 11 in a row as well. Their winning streak was much different. It began on May 12 and gave the club a 15-7 record. They’d eventually lose on May 23 to the Chicago Cubs. Despite their hot start, the Yogi Berra-led team would finish with only 83 victories. After a 26-7 record to start the year, they played only one game over .500 the rest of the way.

No one is surprised to see the 1986 Mets repeat what the 1969 club did completely. They’d win a World Series in the end. This was an even earlier winning streak that started on April 18 and gave the club an even 3-3 record. They never looked back.

Only four years later, the 1990 Mets won 11 in a row. The turbulent season that saw Davey Johnson fired early on included a winning streak that started on June 17. In what was the last ditch-effort for the Mets from this age to win a championship, they came up short in the end largely because of the poor start to the season.

Most recently, it was the 2015 Mets who won 11 straight. Thinking back to that season, it’s hard to believe this was actually a very early-season winning streak. It started on April 12 with a win against the Atlanta Braves and concluded with a loss against the New York Yankees on April 25. The Mets went cold not long after but turned the heat back on in July.