Would winning the 2022 World Series change the offseason plan with Jacob deGrom, others?

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Let’s say the New York Mets do it. They pull it off. A miracle happens. For the first time in your 0-36ish number of years on this planet, the Mets win the 2022 World Series.

It’s not so tough to imagine. This team is good. What, though, would it mean for the offseason?

When looking ahead to the immediate future, we already know which Mets free agents we’d want back (most of them) and which ones from other teams we’d want to snag (the good ones). But what if the Mets win a World Series in year two under Steve Cohen? Do they take the foot off the gas and go a little less crazy, crazy?

How a Mets World Series win in 2022 can slightly alter the plan

The Mets wouldn’t dare become the Miami Marlins who after winning the 1997 World Series dismantled the whole thing. They did practically the same thing shortly after the 2003 championship as well. That’s not going to happen in Flushing.

However, if the Amazins are victorious, maybe they feel a little less inclined to give Jacob deGrom the $50 million AAV deal for three or four seasons that fans are already piecing together on social media. Steve Cohen got the fans the championship he promised. The next one under his guidance can wait.

Or maybe not.

The Mets would have two paths. They can continue on and look to have a dynasty which would involve keeping this team as intact as possible. With deGrom opting out and other major free agents such as Edwin Diaz and Brandon Nimmo, it’s going to cost a lot to keep things in place.

The front office would have an excuse to slip out the back door and not go as all-in as possible if fans are already recovering from a championship. Well aware that even he can’t live forever and championships aren’t always easy to come by, Cohen seems more like the guy that would prefer to win multiple ones in a row rather than rebuild things from scratch.

This doesn’t mean there would be major turnover from this year’s team to next season. Some free agents we like are going to leave. Some of the kids are going to get called up and actually play.

Contrary to expectations, the Mets don’t actually operate in a ridiculous manner. Under Cohen, they’ve been contenders in free agency but not so outwardly different from the other big spenders in baseball. This could always change in the upcoming offseason.

First, let’s get that first title before deciding on whether another is within reach.

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