Every Mets team to win 100 games in a single season so far

1986 Mets 30th Anniversary Reunion
1986 Mets 30th Anniversary Reunion / Adrian Edwards/GettyImages

Winning 100 games in a single season isn’t easy. Entering the 2022 season, the New York Mets have accomplished this feat three times in the club’s history. It has been a pretty good sign of things to come.

How many times have the Mets won 100 games and which years did they reach triple-digits?

1) NY Mets won 100 games in 1969

The 1969 Mets were 100-62. What made them so special? Well, there was a lot. This was the first time the franchise even made it to the postseason. They did it in style with 100 victories and a World Series win to cap it all off.

Baseball was a little different back then. Scoring runs was harder. The team scored only 632 runs which is incredibly low compared to many other Mets squads to make the postseason. In fact, only the barely above .500 team from 1973 made it to the playoffs with fewer runs scored. They crossed the plate only 608 times.

The 1969 Mets were excellent in another area: preventing runs. The 541 runs the pitchers allowed is one of the lowest in franchise history in any full 162-game campaign.

2) NY Mets won 108 games in 1986

The winningest team in Mets history also happened to come in the franchise’s second World Series win. The 1986 Mets were 108-54. They blew passed the old record of 100 wins and tacked on more than a week’s worth more.

Balance was the name of the game for this team. They were high scoring and brilliant at preventing runs. The offense managed to muster 783 runs in the regular season while the pitchers gave up 532.

The best team in franchise history as far as wins are concerned, it’s a franchise record that will be tough to top.

3) NY Mets won 100 games in 1988

Only two years after winning 108 games, the 1988 Mets won 100. It was the third and final team the franchise reached triple-digits. Sadly, it was the only 100+ win Mets squad to not win the World Series. They didn’t even make it there after a brutal loss in the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The 1988 Mets weren’t quite as good at scoring runs as the 1986 team with 703 of them. However, with only 532 runs allowed, this 100-60 ball club had a remarkable year on the mound.

Yet again, the 1988 team won some days with the bats and others with the pitching. They had the tools to win their third championship. Instead, it remains the only 100-win team in franchise history to come up short.

Will the 2022 Mets join this list?

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