The Wilpons remind us why we love Steve Cohen while Keith Hernandez remains unsigned by SNY

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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Carlos Correa isn’t the only big free agent New York Mets fans are keeping an eye on. Over at SNY, Keith Hernandez is sans contract. A part of what makes Mets games with any result such an enjoyable watch is the presence of Hernandez.

Unfortunately, we’re about to enter the New Year without Hernandez under network control. SNY is still owned by the Wilpons. This is yet another reminder as to why we love Steve Cohen so much.

The Wilpons continue to give grief to Mets fans

Hernandez will eventually move on from the booth. Everyone needs to enjoy a full retirement. His love of the game, however, may keep him close to it for longer than most.

This isn’t the first known snubbing of Hernandez specifically by the Wilpons. You may remember a story from last year about how Hernandez wasn’t allowed to go near the batting cages. Buck Showalter fixed this in March. A strange banishment instituted in the past finally ended. Wouldn’t you know, several key Mets had bounce-back seasons in 2022.

All of the credit doesn’t fall on Hernandez even though his baseball knowledge seems to be as high as it can get. Hernandez could easily become a coach if it was ever something he desired to do.

It’s hard to imagine SNY broadcasts without Hernandez. When he isn’t present, there’s a slightly different feel. And those off-days are only temporary. We know he’ll be back. Right now, we’re not so sure. This isn’t a Steve Cohen call. The top of the ladder reaches the Wilpons.

In an offseason where the Mets are arguably the most aggressive team in baseball, this is the kind of news we didn’t expect to see. It has been mostly positive thus far. Is there a single organizational decision we can truly criticize?

Meanwhile, the Wilpons have gathered up enough bad-will for us to lose trust they’ll do the right thing.

How much will it cost Steve Cohen to buy SNY and can he do it yesterday?

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