When will the Mets call up Christian Scott who now has 19 strikeouts in 9 innings?

When does the top Mets pitching prospect get his MLB promotion?
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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It was another marvelous performance on the mound for Christian Scott on Wednesday. The New York Mets were off but their top prospect had weather on his side. After striking out 9 in his 2024 debut, Scott added 10 more in his five innings of work.

This gives Scott 19 strikeouts in 9 innings which is one off of the MLB record for a single game. Of course, spreading all of those strikeouts over two starts is impressive in a different way. The Mets aren’t running him into the ground for any sort of pitching record.

Two stellar outings and fans are excited. When is he going to get the call up to the majors?

Don’t expect the Mets to turn to Christian Scott too soon

The Mets starting pitching depth is limping at the moment with David Peterson and Tylor Megill both on the IL. They’re joined by the staff’s ace, Kodai Senga, who was hurt shortly before spring training games even began. The club has already signed and DFA’d Julio Teheran. Jose Butto was summoned for a doubleheader and should be back on the club soon where he’ll look to prove he’s the better choice over Joey Lucchesi. The team also has Max Kranick currently on rehab in the minor leagues eager to play for his childhood team.

Scott is definitely the first in line among the pitching prospects for a big league promotion. However, if a spot start was needed in some instance, it might still not go to him until a little later in the season. Depending upon the situation with the roster, we can excuse the Mets asking someone else for a 3 or 4 inning outing over Scott just dipping his feet in the water. When Scott is in the big leagues, many of us would prefer he gets a longer look than just one day.

For all of the fanfare of the strikeouts, which are well-deserved, Scott has still given up 4 earned runs in those 9 innings including 3 home runs. With just a single walk in those two starts, he’s throwing strikes but maybe a few too many. Major league hitters wouldn’t be expected to whiff nearly as much.

The timetable for Scott and other Mets prospects one step away from the majors is difficult to predict because of the two extremes of where the team will land at the end of July. Even before then, how quickly will they rush guys up to the majors or even have room available to try to salvage the season or put some distance between themselves and other playoff contenders? Ironically, if the Mets are playing poorly, they’re probably even less likely to call him up to the majors. There isn’t much of a need to add to his service time and accelerate his future free agency.

Injuries can always change Scott’s MLB trajectory. We know the club won’t have Senga back until late May at the earliest. For now, they’ll rely on others who already have big league experience. We’ll need to first see more of Butto and Lucchesi before the Mets call up Scott.

Patience, Mets fans. Let the artist perfect his craft in the Syracuse studio.

If the Mets are winning games and Scott is performing well plus there’s an opening, June is a good time. Get the most from him before any sort of an innings limit happens.

In the other instance where the Mets aren’t competing, wait as long as needed. Call him up post-trade deadline when everyone else is in a different uniform.