3 Yankees players a WFAN caller is on hold trying to send to the Mets

Miguel Andujar is a popular name in mock trades involving the other, American League New York baseball team.
Miguel Andujar is a popular name in mock trades involving the other, American League New York baseball team. / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

With the MLB lockout now in full swing, the baseball community is about to go months with practically no new news to talk about (aside from the New York Mets hiring Buck Showalter).

That means only one thing — it’s the season for speculation. Sure, teams can’t make any impactful moves, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t talk about them. The lockout has to end eventually (right? Please ….), and everyone is going to have ideas about what their favorite team should do when the time comes.

In New York, the conversation is ratcheted up to the max. People throughout the boroughs are going to have their two cents to add to the conversation, and what better place to do it than talk radio?

I can hear it already.

“Hey, first-time long-time, do you think the Mets would be interested in trading for Miguel Andujar?”

Unfortunately, Clint Frazier is no longer a New York Yankee, so that means the greatest mock-trade duo in the history of Twitter is split up. “Oh, want to trade for [instert good player on a bad team]? Just give them Andujar and Frazier!”

Even though that age-old classic is dead, one-half if it still remains, beardless and in pinstripes.

Sure, Miguel Andujar has played in just 78 games over the last three seasons. But as Yankees fans will tell you, he should have won AL Rookie of the Year in 2018! If he can play a full season he’ll surely get back to that level, never mind that he has an OPS of .588 since 2019. 

Besides, the Steamer projections on Fangraphs say Andujar is going to put up a 111 wRC+, which would be the 6th-best on the Mets, ahead of players like Starling Marte, Eduardo Escobar, J.D. Davis and Dom Smith.

Yes, the Mets already have Davis, but I’m sure they could use another 3B/LF who really should only play DH. Can’t have too many of those types of players.

All the Mets would have to give up in return I’m sure is someone like Brandon Nimmo. He’s is a free agent at the end of this season, while Andujar still has two more years of team control after 2022. Not only would Nimmo slide right into center field for the Yanks, but he would also provide a desperately needed lefty bat.

How does this sound, Miguel Andujar for Brandon Nimmo? Feels like a good deal for both sides.

“Hey real quick, thoughts on sending Gary Sanchez to the Mets?”

Sure, Sanchez may be the worst defensive backstop in baseball (remember when he just LET Jonathan Villar score?), but the man can slug! Not really hit … but definitely slug.

With James McCann slated to be the everyday starting catcher next season for the Mets, the team could really use Sanchez. Who cares that he only hit .204/.307/.423 last season and would be a massive defensive downgrade, he hit 23 home runs!

Now, Francisco Alvarez might be just a bit too much to ask for from the Mets, but maybe they’d do it for a couple of young pitchers. Sanchez was an All-Star 2017 AND 2019, that has to count for something!

So what do you say, David Peterson, Tylor Megill and Matt Allan for Sanchez? Who says no?

“What are the odds the Mets take on D.J. LeMahieu’s contract? I’ll hang up and listen.”

With Steve Cohen at the helm, why not? LeMahieu may be heading into his age-33 season and making $15 million per year through 2026, but the Mets can afford it now!

It doesn’t matter that he put up an OPS of .711 in the first year of his extension and that he’s only getting older and less mobile. He SHOULD have won the AL MVP in 2019 and maybe even 2020 too, right? Just like Andujar SHOULD have beat out Shohei Ohtani in 2018 for AL RoY.

By trading LeMahieu and his contract, the Yanks would free up space to sign Trevor Story or maybe even Carlos Correa to complete the infield of Voit(?)-Torres-Urshela-Story/Correa, playing 3-4-5-6 respectively.

Now, LeMahieu is an MVP-caliber player, so the Yankees aren’t just going to give him away. A package of Ronny Mauricio and Brett Baty seems more than fair. We are talking about the TRUE 2019 and 2020 AL MVP after all.

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