3 more ways the NY Mets can shock us this offseason

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The Mets can shock us by making an upgrade we didn’t think was possible

In a fantasy world, the Mets do a lot more than they already have. They find a way to upgrade at their weakest positions. Money is no issue. Other clubs willingly take on bad contracts.

The most glaring of those bad contracts belongs to Robinson Cano. A guy just about everyone wouldn’t mind seeing retire to save a roster spot and open up some more spending for the Mets, he’s probably coming back. Nothing seems to suggest otherwise.

Beyond Cano, there are a lot of Mets fans that wouldn’t mind getting a do-over on the James McCann deal. I’ve learned to “never say never” again with the Mets so I won’t guarantee he’s on the club in 2022. Anything else they could possibly get is a downgrade, as bad as he was last year.

Then there are those who have doubts about Carrasco and Walker. Neither is particularly cheap. This becomes especially true if we get dud seasons from them yet again. Could the Mets conceivably move one of them in a trade and upgrade the rotation with a different arm in the process?

If I was a gambling man, I would stay away from even having this thought.

The Mets have room to surprise us with a few more moves before Opening Day. I don’t think anything will leave us as shocked as the Scherzer signing. That’s the kind of surprise you only get once a decade.

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