3 more ways the NY Mets can shock us this offseason

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The Mets can shock us by adding another star pitcher

What will the Mets do with the starting rotation? Is it really going to be Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer with some prayers for Carlos Carrasco and Taijuan Walker plus some other random dude? I think it’s very possible this ends up being the case.

The free agent starting pitcher market has gone drier than we would like it. There are a couple of options still available once the lockout ends yet none seem like such sure things.

The Mets probably won’t add another star pitcher—at least a star by most people’s definition. But what about Carlos Rodon or Luis Castillo? Each is young and would probably be the absolute best the team could possibly do. They might not be household names or have the completed resumes normally associated with a star. However, each could become a major upgrade for what the club currently has.

I do think the Mets will be diligent in at least attempting to find another starting pitcher before Opening Day. It has to help a little bit to have Scherzer on the roster. He changed things. Queens is now a destination.

If it’s not one of the top-level pitchers the Mets add, we’ll have to question whether he’s even worth it. Comparing even the most average of arms out there in free agency or expected to be on the trade market, I think many of us would take number four quality.