3 more ways the NY Mets can shock us this offseason

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Shock and awe is one military strategy to help win a war. In baseball, it’s a way to leave the fans excited and eager for season tickets to go on sale. The New York Mets have gotten off to a fine start in doing this.

The most shocking move of all made by the Mets since the 2021 season ended was the signing of Max Scherzer. The other position players were nice additions but not nearly as seemingly out-of-reach as Scherzer. Even the Buck Showalter hiring wasn’t quite as surprising considering he had no manager job and his options were limited while Scherzer had a whole league of opportunities.

Regardless of what has shocked you most this winter, I wanted to take a look at three more ways the Mets can leave us with our jaws dropped. I’m taking the positive approach with it, too. So things like “trading Jacob deGrom” or “moving the team to London” will not make this list—as shocking and riot-inducing as those may be.

An honorary mention goes out to “signing Kris Bryant.” At this point, I think don’t think that would be as shocking as it would be the next logical move for how hard this front office is pushing.

The Mets can shock us by getting an awesome return in a trade

I have my doubts about what the Mets could possibly get in return for any of their three major trade candidates. J.D. Davis, Jeff McNeil, and Dominic Smith are all on the block. Each has something about them that could hurt their marketability.

Davis is a man without a true position and after last season’s injury issues, his stock has fallen greatly. The Mets never seemed too eager to keep him as a part of their future. From almost the moment they traded for him, the plan seemed geared toward flipping him for something else.

McNeil is a little different from these two as he is a once untouchable member of the roster. He’d easily get the most back in a trade but a down year in 2021 could mean the Mets are selling him at his lowest point.

Then there’s Smith. A natural at first base, the issue with him is how many first basemen are already out there. Add in that he has yet to put together a full season of excellence and we have ourselves a guy teams are taking a risk on if they choose to trade for him.

With any of these three, it would be shocking to see New York come away with an excellent piece or two. Whether it’s a big leaguer or a prospect, I think anything the Mets come away with in a trade involving these three will feel a bit underwhelming.

Maybe Eppler can shock us and revamp the farm a little bit or turn one of these guys into a guy that can help the team now rather than later.