A worthwhile waiver claim for the Mets to make on a recently DFA'd Angels player

A small move for the Mets to make on the waiver wire.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Angels
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The MLB waiver wire is less of a solution for teams when it comes to many players and more about taking a risk of different scales. Active even in the offseason as teams add to already full 40-man rosters, we've seen the New York Mets aggressively attack this world of players in employment limbo.

A recently DFA'd player by the Los Angeles Angels, Trey Cabbage, fits the bill as someone worthy of adding to the organization. A bit different from many of the other offseason additions the Mets have made, there's clearly room for him during a season where the ball club will be willing to take chances.

Trey Cabbage is an ingredient worth adding to the salad bowl called the 2024 Mets roster

While understanding his PCL numbers from last year in Triple-A are inflated because the entire league seems to hit well, there are enough other factors that make him a Mets target. Importantly, he has minor league options. Two, in fact. The Mets aren't adding someone they'll be forced to keep in the majors. He hits left-handed. He plays the corner outfield and first base. Somewhat of a clone of DJ Stewart in terms of demographics, he stands out at only 26-years-old.

Those gaudy numbers from last year in the minors include a .306/.279/.596 slash line with 25 doubles, 30 home runs and 89 RBI. Cabbage broke out with speed last season, too. He swiped 32 bases in 35 attempts. The unprecedented increase likely due to rule changes, he came into the year never swiping more than 10 in a year. Granted, his major league numbers weren't very good. In 56 plate appearances for the Angels last year he batted .208/.232/.321 with a single home run.

Why would the Angels part with him? Roster crunches can sometimes force a team into a tough decision. It could be the wrong one. After all, they gave up Jeremiah Jackson for Dominic Leone at last year's trade deadline. A lot of what they have done is questionable so to question this is fair.

Given how unsure we should be about the Mets and their DH situation, Cabbage is a controllable alternative. This is an absolute "nothing to lose" situation.

An obvious player to DFA in favor of him is Zack Short. A lighter hitter brought in this offseason via waivers, his presence on the 40-man roster is likely temporary. With the additions of Jose Iglesias and Yolmer Sanchez on minor league deals, they have enough infield depth capable of giving them those defensive performances the Mets added Short for.