5 future bidding wars we could see between the Mets and Yankees

The big market clubs could throw fists at a chance with these free agents in the future.
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
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5) Edwin Diaz

The lines are a bit blurred on this one. Is signing Edwin Diaz away from the Mets blasphemous? He wasn’t originally a Mets player but after years of playing for us, it feels like his time in Seattle never happened.

Diaz, like Senga, can opt out after the 2025 campaign. Still possessing the largest contract for a relief pitcher in MLB history, he’s actually less likely to choose this route. He has no contract to compete with but his own. Will a team really pay a closer in his 30s a higher annual salary than the offer he ended up signing with the Mets?

A closer opening is impossible to predict with the Yankees. In fact, are we really sure who their closer will be by the end of 2024? It’s such a tough role to ever know. The Mets are one of the lucky few who have their ninth inning guy all set.

The bidding war for Diaz would have to include the Yankees if for no other reason than an elite closer has been their missing piece. The franchise that employed the greatest closer of all-time needs to be in the market for the best in the game right now, right?

The Prediction: No bidding war takes place as Edwin Diaz opts into his contract and is later awarded with an extension. He stays with the Mets. Weeks of sports talk radio speculation about the Yankees signing him was all for nothing. Hallelujah! We'