5 future bidding wars we could see between the Mets and Yankees

The big market clubs could throw fists at a chance with these free agents in the future.

2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages
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2) Pete Alonso

Here’s where the line gets crossed, if there even is one. Pete Alonso is a homegrown Met. The Yankees outbidding the Mets for him would be similar to Steve Cohen giving Judge the highest offer last offseason. There are certain players the two teams would probably want to stay away from although there is no rule against it nor should we expect them to always play so kindly.

Alonso is a match for the Yankees next winter as a replacement for Anthony Rizzo. If they were to lose Soto to the Mets or anyone else, it’s an obvious pivot for them to make.

Would Alonso actually stay in New York and choose the other team? One might view it as a heel turn of epic proportions. It’s different than Curtis Granderson going from the Yankees to the Mets. Pete has been nothing but a Met. The resentment would be unforgivable by some.

Fortunately, the only way Alonso ends up with the Yankees is if the Mets completely pass or low-ball him to the point where the anger turns on the front office. Many have speculated about whether or not Alonso fits into how David Stearns builds his teams. On one hand, he hasn’t valued first base enough in the past with the Milwaukee Brewers. Often employing platoons with Daniel Vogelbach in the mix, it’s not a fair assessment of what he’ll do moving forward. 

The Prediction: Pete Alonso is traded in the middle of 2024 to someone we don't think needs him right now and signs with the Chicago Cubs in the offseason.