5 future bidding wars we could see between the Mets and Yankees

The big market clubs could throw fists at a chance with these free agents in the future.
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages
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Free agency bidding wars between the New York Mets and New York Yankees are often an expectation every winter. Each made an attempt at Yoshinobu Yamamoto this past winter. Neither was successful.

What about the future? We shouldn’t expect either team to go away quietly. As players become free agents, both clubs will get heavily involved. And it’s these five future free agent bidding wars we can already expect to see happen.

1) Juan Soto

The Mets going after Juan Soto in free agency next offseason won’t cross any line. Although there seems to be some sort of an agreement between the two New York clubs about targeting each other’s players, Soto is fair game. He’s not an original Yankee or someone who spent multiple years with them. He’s likely to be a one-and-done with only the possibility of re-signing after asking around the league.

Soto has long been a fantasy for Mets fans to call Citi Field home. Familiar enough with him from his many years with the Washington Nationals, the possibility of a trade from them or the San Diego Padres never came to fruition. He did find his way to New York. It’s just in the wrong borough.

The amount of money Soto will get in free agency is going to top anything either club has paid a player in the past. Do the Yankees care about making Soto the highest paid player over Aaron Judge? What about the Mets and Francisco Lindor? Surely both players will understand.

In either case, Soto is someone we should fully expect both teams to do some battling over.

The Prediction: Juan Soto ends up with the Los Angeles Dodgers because why not?