Should the Mets and Yankees play each other every year on September 11?

An annual game on 9/11 between the Mets and Yankees is something to wonder about.
New York Yankees v New York Mets
New York Yankees v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

September 11, 2001, will be one of those tragic days we always remember. The New York Mets and New York Yankees helped distract the city from its depression in the following weeks. Mike Piazza’s home run in the first game back remains one of the biggest uplifting sports moments in decades. It was bigger than just one home run. It delivered some normalcy.

Baseball continues to have a connection to that day. The MLB schedule makers were wise to pit the Mets and Yankees against each other on the 20th anniversary back in 2021. Should the two play each other annually to mark the events?

Should 9/11 be reserved for a game between the NY Mets and NY Yankees every year?

There is something to be said about the specialness of rarity. An annual game between these two teams every 9/11 can get watered down. The tributes should never stop. In ballparks in New York and everywhere else, there should be a special ceremony to pay tribute. Both New York ball clubs don’t need to be within the same lines for this to happen.

The Mets and Yankees don’t have to necessarily play each other all of the time on this day. On special anniversaries, like the 20th and again on the 25th, it’s a must.

These clubs already play each other every year and it typically ends up being two at each ballpark. It’s easy to make an annual game work. One year the game takes place at Citi Field. Next it will go to Yankee Stadium. So why not greenlight the idea?

It doesn’t matter who either team plays. We’ve already seen them square off against different opponents for more than 20 years on that day. The schedule doesn’t need to be structured to bring this thought to life.

September 11 was an American tragedy. Hosting an annual game between these two each year on 9/11 is a great idea yet not something we should expect at this point. Could baseball settle with each team hosting a game on this day against random opponents? Would that be enough to commemorate the events?

These things are all a matter of personal preference. It’s impossible to dislike it. There is one issue. Starting this tradition adds in the problem of potentially having to end it one day in the future. Taking something away is much harder to do than to never add it at all.

Major League Baseball should continue to embrace the ceremonies and look for different ways to acknowledge the day and those who lost their lives. A Mets vs. Yankees series each year taking place on 9/11 is definitely something to ponder. What are the pros and cons?