Mets vs. Rays: 3 predictions for a series against MLB's best team

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
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3) Francisco Alvarez is going to produce big for the Mets

The former top prospect in all of baseball, Francisco Alvarez, is having better results at the plate after a rocky run in MLB since his debut. After hitting .194 in April, Alvarez has improved to a .244 average in May.

One of the fundamental aspects of Alvarez's hitting profile is his ability to generate hard-hit contacts with his swing. This is something that has been failing him since his MLB debut.

However, since the beginning of May, Alvarez has shown greater hard-hit contact, especially against fastball and offspeed pitches. This has resulted in an SLG against the fastballs of .563 in May versus a meager .250 in April.

Of a total of 36 hits generated by Alvarez in May, 11 have generated an average velocity above 95 mph, and five have been above 100 mph, reaching a peak of 113.4 mph. This has happened on drives connected up the middle of the outfield. As Alvarez manages to generate more pull swing at this incredible speed, the results will be better.

This gradual improvement in Francisco Alvarez's hitting is a positive sign in an offense that needs power. Alvarez has the tools he needs to continue to improve, as he continues to adjust to MLB pitching. This series against the Rays is a good setting for an important test for Alvarez against Tampa's good pitching staff.

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