Mets vs. Rays: 3 predictions for a series against MLB's best team

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
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2) Starling Marte will be the best hitter for the Mets vs. the pitching of the Rays

Starling Marte has been one of the biggest disappointments in the Mets' lineup this season. After posting a .292 batting average with a .468 SLG in 2022, his batting average has dropped nearly 50 points this season.

However, in recent games, there has been an improvement in Marte's batting. This improvement is evidenced in better results against fastballs, which he is hitting an average of .357 in May against .222 in the previous month.

These better results are due to a change in the approach at the plate. Starling Marte has been swinging more in recent weeks, which is leading to an increase in his contact%. Likewise, he is having a better recognition of the pitches it is receiving.

Another relevant aspect to expect a good result from Starling Marte against the Rays, is his hitting against lefties. The Rays start the series with lefty Jalen Beeks on the mound, which would result in something positive for the Mets outfielder.

Marte is hitting .271 against left-handed pitching, for whom he has produced two extra-base hits and four RBIs. Likewise, he has had good results against Rays bullpen pitchers such as Peter Fairbanks, whom he hits over .300 for life.

Starling Marte has had a better profile at the plate in recent games. An awakening of the Starling Marte bat is vital to the Mets' aspirations to be competitive offensively this year.