Struggles from the Mets veterans has nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets Offseason Workout
New York Jets Offseason Workout / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Call it a hunch. Call it years of pain and misery. Whatever it is, plenty of people who root on the New York Mets and New York Jets are already giving themselves a headache linking the struggles of one team with the possible disaster of the other.

The Mets haven’t gotten what they’ve wanted out of Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. What’s this have to do with the football team that once shared Shea Stadium with the Mets? The short-term mercenary addition of Aaron Rodgers this offseason has fans of both clubs terrified of a repeat from the summer to the winter.

It’s not just this New York Post story. Listen to the sports radio long enough, a conversation in a bar, or spend some time on social media. The pursuit of Verlander this offseason to help put the Mets over the top and a similar move with the Jets bringing in Rodgers is hard to ignore. The two have a lot in common from the year they were born to the high-profile girlfriends and wives in their lives. 

Has Verlander ever gone into a dark room? If Rodgers is a roaring success with the Jets, it might be on his offseason agenda.

Struggles from NY Mets veterans like Justin Verlander are already scaring Jets fans when it comes to Aaron Rodgers

The arrival of these two to New York comes at a similar point of their career. Rodgers was the 2020 and 2021 NFL MVP. Verlander won the 2019 and 2022 Cy Young. He did, however, make only one start in between those two seasons thanks to Tommy John Surgery that claimed his entire 2021 campaign.

It’s hard to deny the connection and the sports fear that would naturally seep into fans of these two ball clubs; one round and the other egg-shaped. But to think one has anything to do with the other isn’t fair to your health. What does Rodgers have to do at all with Verlander, Scherzer, or any of the other Mets veterans playing so poorly this year? Nothing at all other than the human ability to make connections that aren’t even there.

What’s silliest of all is that if the Mets were playing incredibly well and we had an early battle between Scherzer and Verlander for the NL Cy Young, the thought would be the complete opposite. Rodgers would, indeed, be thought of as the savior of the Jets. Instead, the worst fears imaginable have arrived to Jets Camp well before the season has even begun because athletes in another sport, on another team aren’t meeting expectations.

Rodgers could very well fall flat and stand behind center in another lost Jets season. Don’t stress it until it happens, Jets fans. There is plenty more agony ahead for the Mets. Your autumn and winter doesn’t have to be ruined this early.