4 underrated Mets relievers since 2010

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2. New York Mets Pitcher, Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell is another name who doesn't get the recognition he deserves for the time he spent in a Mets uniform. When Parnell first came up to the Major Leagues in 2008, he was known as a flame-throwing right-hander, who had issues with control. However, Parnell continued to work on his craft, and by 2010 had not only gotten better with his control, but with the improved control, he also became a much more effective reliever.

According to Baseball-Reference, Parnell threw 331.2 innings in his Mets career, in which he registered 293 strikeouts, a 3.78 ERA, and 37 saves. Unfortunately for Parnell, injuries piled up throughout his Mets career, taking away from what could have been an even better career. During his career, he missed time due to: elbow inflammation, a clot in his finger, a torn UCL, a herniated disc, and arm fatigue.

However, before his time with the Mets came to a close, he showed the makings of what could've been a high-quality close in New York. In his best season in Flushing in 2013, Parnell recorded 22 saves, while registering a 2.16 ERA in 50 innings, in his age-28 season. But, after being named the closer to begin the next season, Parnell pitched on Opening Day, and in that game he tore his UCL, and then required Tommy John surgery.

While he did return the next season for the Mets, he was not the same pitcher he once was, as his velocity couldn't reach anywhere close to the levels it once did, and without the velocity, Parnell was not nearly as effective. However, Mets fans should remember him for the talented pitcher he was prior to the injury, not what he was afterward, after all, he was not only just a solid closer but he also was one of the first pitchers to consistently throw over 100 MPH.