3 roads the Mets can take with Tylor Megill and his future

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Could the Mets trade Tylor Megill?

Megill’s trade value probably isn’t what the biggest diehard fans think it is but it also isn’t as low as some may believe. He’s in a unique position. As an eighth round draft pick, there never weren’t tremendous expectations for him. Megill had to go out and prove himself. Through three professional seasons, I think he has.

Megill can work in two kinds of trades. The Mets could flip him for a similar player at a different position or move him in a package. He’s one of those guys we should look at as a name the Oakland Athletics could always view favorably in any deal for one of their arms. Just one season into his major league career, Megill is cheap and under control.

The Mets shouldn’t be in any rush to move Megill for these same reasons. They have those other two streets to take. Pitching depth, in any format, is important.

You trade Megill for the same reasons you would Jeff McNeil: because it makes you better right now. While vastly different players in completely different positions, I wouldn’t rush to trade Megill. He’s the kind of guy who a year from now could earn his way into an even bigger role—whether it’s in the rotation or bullpen.

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