3 roads the Mets can take with Tylor Megill and his future

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Tylor Megill surprised us all in 2021 by leaping from obscurity to becoming an important part of the team’s rotation. Although things leveled out by the end of his 18 starts, Megill remains a promising young pitcher for the New York Mets.

But what’s next for him?

I don’t think anyone expects the Mets to head into the 2022 season with Megill as one of their starting pitchers. I’m not even quite sure that’s a plan for them. The Mets can begin the journey down a couple of paths with Megill. Right now, these are the three roads to take.

The Mets can keep Tylor Megill in Triple-A for emergency starting pitch depth

This is the likeliest of scenarios for the 2022 season. Megill should get some chance to pitch for the big league club. Injuries are inevitable. Already present on the 40-man roster and proven that he can get major league outs, he should be one of the first guys the team turns to the moment a starting pitcher hits the IL.

As a refresher, Megill doesn’t have much professional experience at all. He logged 28 innings in 2018, another 71.2 in 2019, and had a total of 40.1 innings as a minor leaguer in 2021.

Amazingly, his 89.2 innings for the 2021 Mets was the most he has had at any level by a long shot.

Entering his age 26 season, you’re not going to keep Megill around to sit in Syracuse waiting for a phone call. If he pitches well, maybe he can earn a spot over someone else. A more productive way to utilize him, depending on how the rest of the organization looks, could be to make a left-hand turn and use Megill in a different way.