Who can we trust more, Carlos Carrasco or Taijuan Walker?

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Why the Mets can trust Carlos Carrasco more

A resume can say a lot about a pitcher. Between these two, Carrasco has the better one. It also goes onto a second page.

The prime seasons for Carrasco spanned from 2014-2018. During those years with the Cleveland Baseball Club, Carrasco was 68-43 with a 3.27 ERA. His best season was in 2017 when he led the league with 18 wins and earned himself a fourth-place finish in the Cy Young race.

A little slow to develop, Carrasco has a lifetime ERA of 3.86 which is good yet not great. Consistency over several seasons should have the Mets putting faith in him to be better in 2022. For a completely different reason, they shouldn’t.

Why the Mets shouldn’t trust Carlos Carrasco much in 2022

Age is going to be a factor for Carrasco at some point in his career. Is the 2022 season the time when we see his decline occur because of it? Maybe we already did last year when he was only able to make a dozen starts.

Father time is undefeated. There will come a point when Carrasco isn’t good at pitching anymore because the birthday candles on his cake are getting too many to blow out.

Next season he’ll be 35. For some pitchers, they can go much longer. In the case for others, it could be their dusk.