Ty Kelly will soon no longer be a Mets trivia question answer

San Francisco Giants  Vs New York Mets. National League Wild Card game.
San Francisco Giants Vs New York Mets. National League Wild Card game. / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

Ty Kelly will soon no longer be the answer to a New York Mets trivia question. An eighth inning pinch-hit single on October 5, 2016, was the moment when he earned a distinction many believed wouldn’t have last this long.

It was that single by Kelly that marked the last time a Mets player had a hit in the postseason.

There have only ever been two no-hitters in the playoffs so it’s safe to assume the Mets will manage to pick up at least a hit this October. When someone does, Kelly is no longer written in as the answer to the question plaguing Mets fans for six years.

We know Kelly had the most recent postseason hit in Mets history. What about the first?

The Mets player to have a hit in the playoffs

The 1969 Mets weren’t known for their bats but they scored 9 runs in Game 1, another 11 in Game 2, and completed their sweep of the Atlanta Braves with 7 more in Game 3.

The scoring all had to start somewhere and with a hit. You’re truly a longtime and loyal Mets fan if you have the answer.

Game 1 pitted Tom Seaver against Phil Niekro. Both pitchers got through the first inning without allowing a single base runner. However, leading off the fourth for the Mets was Art Shamsky. A single off of Niekro ensured that Don Larsen would continue to be the only pitcher in MLB playoff history to have a no-hitter—at least until Roy Halladay had one of his own.

After reaching base, Shamsky had another first in Mets playoff history. On a Jerry Grote single, Shamsky scored the first run the Mets would ever secure in the playoffs.

Because the Mets did lose 3-0 when they last played in the postseason, there is no one Ty Kelly played with that is currently the most recent player in franchise history to cross the plate. For that, we have to go to Game 5 of the 2015 World Series when the Mets were eliminated.

A sacrifice fly in the bottom of the sixth off the bat of Lucas Duda brought in Curtis Granderson. The Mets took a 2-0 lead and, well, chaos would later ensue.

This year’s Mets team will look to have results much more similar than the team Shamsky played for. It can start with even a simple single.

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