Trevor May, Trevor Williams are the right kind of Trevors for the Mets

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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Last offseason was all about the New York Mets adding a different Trevor to their roster. There was plenty of drama around it, some misinformation/possible troll job, and finally a whole lot of off-field issues that had fans breathing a lifelong sigh of relief knowing it’s another organization’s mess to clean up.

Although they didn’t get the most well-known Trevor, the Mets did pick up one notable Trevor in the offseason and another mid-year. Both look bound to be back with the club in 2022.

Trevor May and Trevor Williams are the Trevors we never knew the Mets needed

Their performance in 2021 was what the Mets needed. Trevor May logged 62.2 innings for the team and gave a 3.59 ERA performance with an additional four saves to go with his solid season.

May had some huge innings for the Mets late in games. His seven wins out of the bullpen also happened to be tied for the third-most on the team for a pitcher in any role. I know wins don’t carry much value but with a pitcher like him, it does show some level of importance to the innings he pitches.

The other Trevor, known on his birth certificate as Trevor Williams, came over with Javier Baez in the deal with the Chicago Cubs. The longtime starter spent most of his time with the orange and blue pitching in relief or getting a handful of appearances as a starter in doubleheaders.

Williams had a 3.06 ERA in 32.1 innings of work. He survived the non-tender deadline, likely putting him in line to become the club’s long man out of the bullpen in 2022.

Both pitched well for the Mets last year. More than that, there’s something else this pair of Trevors brings to the game: personalities that are unique and easy to enjoy without playing the victim or targeting others in a combative way.

May is one of baseball’s quiet pioneers of personal branding and marketing without crossing that fine line of getting annoying. He genuinely seems to enjoy his side gig streaming games online. He has a real audience for it, too. Relief pitchers are generally not ambassadors of the game. However, in his case, I think May has the potential to reach a whole different audience.

From a baseball perspective, he has come across as wise and forthright. When fans were ready to boo relentlessly during the thumbs-down fiasco, he tried to help his teammates by giving a clearer explanation.

Williams’ short time with the club was more understated but I’m not so sure we can contain him for long. For several years now, Williams has been one of baseball’s more entertaining follows on social media. His Twitter timeline is basically a recipe for dad jokes.

Neither will make a trip to the 2022 All-Star Game, earn a single Cy Young vote, or inch closer to having their jersey retired. From the entire pool of Trevors active in the major leagues right now, they’re two of the best the Mets could have. The chemistry alone I believe they could bring to the bullpen with their experience and good-natured attitudes should make a difference.

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