7 Mets trades that won the 1986 World Series

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The Bob Ojeda trade would come back to bite the Red Sox

Bob Ojeda wasn’t with the Mets for long. In his case, timing was everything.

Ojeda joined the Mets after the 1985 season in a trade with, of all teams, the Red Sox! The same team the Mets would face in the World Series only months later sent Ojeda to them as part of a massive deal which included four players going from each team to the other.

By far, Ojeda would be the best.

The regular season was a brilliant one for Ojeda. After some struggles with Boston, he excelled immediately with the Mets. Maybe he just didn’t like big green walls.

Ojeda’s 1986 regular season included an 18-5 record and league-best .783 winning percentage. He finished fourth in the Cy Young vote and led all Mets pitchers with a 4.7 WAR.

His success continued into the postseason with a 1-0 record against the Astros and again against the Red Sox. He would go on to pitch a total of 27 postseason innings for the Mets in 1986, giving them a 2.33 ERA performance.

It’s rare for one team to make another with a team and see it directly impact the two clubs months later in the World Series. This was a rare one that did. In fact, dig a little deeper, you see Calvin Schiraldi went from the Mets to the Red Sox in this Ojeda deal. Schiraldi was the man who lost Game 6 and 7 for Boston. As sweet as this deal was to acquire Ojeda, it was equally as bitter for Boston.

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