7 Mets trades that won the 1986 World Series

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History rhymes when the Mets make a trade for Ray Knight

Acquired from the Houston Astros in August of 1984, history rhymed when the Mets landed Ray Knight. They just didn’t know it yet. It would take three players to be named later to land him. Each would be worth it considering the outcome.

A good 27 games in 1984 led into a very poor season for Knight in 1985. A high average, low power third baseman, he had a season to remember in 1986.

Knight would go on to hit .298/.351/.424 in 541 regular season plate appearances. This, however, wouldn’t be what he was known for.

Knight’s World Series performance included a slash line of .391/.440/.565. He hit a home run and drove in 5. You probably also remember him crossing the plate for the game-winning run after the ball went right through Bill Buckner’s legs in Game 6.

For his efforts, Knight was awarded the World Series MVP. In an odd twist of familiarity, he was the second player in Mets history acquired in a midseason trade that wore number 22 to accomplish this. Back in 1969, Donn Clendenon was the World Series MVP with number 22 between his shoulders. Although Knight landed in Queens a few seasons earlier than the 1986 trade, his addition was a must for the team to schedule their second parade.