The 3 biggest Mets trades ever made with the Tigers

The three most significant trades ever made between the Mets and Tigers.

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3) The Mets trade two prospects to the Tigers for 2015 catalyst Yoenis Cespedes

Younger Mets fans won’t even know much about the Staub for Lolich deal nor will they remember Terrell for Johnson. Their/Our big Tigers trade is the one made in the summer of 2015. What a beautiful time to be alive.

Prospects Luis Cessa and Michael Fulmer were the pair sent to Detroit for the bat the Mets were missing. The drama of the 2015 trade deadline with the almost-trade between the Mets and Milwaukee Brewers for Carlos Gomez and the subsequent tears of Wilmer Flores was memorable enough. Add in the Mets acquiring Yoenis Cespedes and what he was able to do for the remainder of the year and we have one of the most significant trades in team history.

Cespedes smashed 17 home runs in only 249 plate appearances down the stretch in 2015. He was a dominant force for the club at the plate. Somewhat forgotten was how he filled in at the center field spot which offered the team very little in the way of offense. He’d actually start 39 games in center field as opposed to just 14 in left field where he spent most of his career.

This is actually the most recent Mets-Tigers trade made. Although things went south with Cespedes later on after reaching free agency twice—once following an opt out—the memories of 2015 and what he gave to the club make it a deal everyone would make 100% of the time.